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10 Ways to Inspire Your Creativity at Work

Dear Creative Soul,

Are you in love with your job, or do you find yourself struggling to get through each day? Do come down with an overwhelming case of the Sunday Night Blues each week, plunging your sorrow into pints of ice cream and endless Netflix binges to ease the pain?

Are you tired of working to build someone else’s dream instead of building your own?


Okay, enough with the punchy questions. If you’re anything like me, you’re very thankful for your job. It’s a (mostly) good one, and you know you’d be in trouble without it.

But let’s be real. It lacks a certain…luster. Don’t get me wrong; filing quarterly statements and updating income and expense reports are both thrilling in their own special way. But maybe admin (or teaching or accounting or lawyering or waitressing) isn’t what makes your heart happy.

Despite how you feel about your job and whether or not you actually want to be there, you can make it through the day. Try these things when you need to boost your creativity at work:

Decorate your desk in a way that pleases you. It doesn’t have to be fancy–or it can be completely fancy. (I’m a fan of rhinestone staplers, myself.) What do you like to be surrounded by? Bright colors? Pastels? Classy black and white? Day-glo sticky notes? Surround yourself with colors, pictures, and textures that make you feel happy and at home.

Bring in some fresh seasonal flowers. Though I keep fake peonies on my desk year-round (they look real, I swear), I love getting those mini poinsettias to keep on my desk at Christmas.

Take quick breaks to get up, walk around, and get your circulation flowing again. Sitting for hours is unhealthy–and strangely exhausting. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve come home from work only to collapse on the couch and accomplish nothing else that day except eating dinner and watching three episodes of American Horror Story. No writing, no blogging, not business-building. Just bumming. On the other end of the spectrum, The Hubs, who currently teaches, stands all day. He comes home just as exhausted. Turns out there’s this elusive little thing called balance that we could probably all stand to use a little more.

Step outside on a pretty day. Forget the fourth cup of coffee. Sometimes the best way to wake up and feel refreshed after hours under florescent lights is to step outside and get some sun. Fresh air. Vitamin D. To crawl out of your paper cave and step into the light. To remember there’s much more world out there than what you see on your computer screen. (THEN you can go inside and have that fourth cup of coffee.)

Figure out your WHY — why are you working on that particular task? Why should you want to? What’s a better motivation for accomplishing it than simply “my boss told me to”? This is really hard if you don’t like your job, or if you don’t understand the company’s overall mission. Dig a little deeper and find out their mission, their purpose. Now figure out how you fit in to that. Are those deposits you’re entering helping hard-working people save for retirement? Are you responsible for helping a new hire get settled in her new position? Try to think of your role in one-to-one terms. Picture someone specific who will drive you to perform more effectively. It’s easier to serve one person well than an army of nameless faces.

Eat healthy snacks throughout the day so you’re not distracted by gnawing hunger. And stay hydrated, too. I’ve been putting lemon essential oil in my water every day, which makes it taste much better. (I’ve also noticed clearer skin since I started drinking it.)

Coffee. And then have some coffee. And maybe some post-coffee coffee. I’m still learning how to moderate my coffee habit….

Use essential oils to help you stay awake, focused, and relaxed. My favorites for making it through the work day are peppermint (which wakes me up), bergamot (which lifts me up), orange (which soothes my nerves), and a happy little blend called Stress Away. I think the name probably speaks for itself.

Keep pictures that make you happy nearby. On my desk I have a picture of me and my mom on my wedding day, me and The Hubs on vacation in Hilton Head, SC (one of our favorite places), and another wedding day picture with some of our friends. Instead of letting it depress me, I’m letting the vacation photo inspire me to make mo’ money so we can always afford to go back.

Bring a magazine or book to read or something to listen to on your lunch break. Good music, a TED talk or podcast, a Bible study, etc. I like to write and browse Pinterest during my breaks. That can get a little dangerous because time gets away from me so quickly….

Keep an eternal perspective. Four hours of email a day might seem inconsequential and dull, especially when you’d rather be singing, painting, building, writing, designing, feeding, driving, or anything else that makes you happy to live. Think of it this way — your job is temporary. What you’re doing right now is temporary. But how it fits into YOUR particular life is eternal. It’s just one necessary piece that might not make sense right now, but hang in there and you’ll see how it fits.

What you're doing is temporary, but how it fits into your life is eternal. | The Blissful Poet

I haven’t found my ideal job yet. Have you? I think it takes a few tries for most people. I’ve worked jobs I’ve loved, hated, and tolerated. But I’m thankful for all of them because I know this strange patchwork of experience will come together and make sense one day.

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