What I Use

I only use Young Living essential oils. I start by listing all of the health-based, scientific, or financial reasons why, but instead I’ll start with the basic truth:

I use them because I trust them. They work for me and my family. They have improved our lives and continue to do so every day.

In addition to the fact that Young Living provides trustworthy products that I feel completely comfortable using not only for myself but for my family:

  • They produce the highest quality essential oils I’ve found yet — 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. No synthetics or other harmful ingredients.
  • They offer the widest, most diverse selection of single oils, oil blends, supplements, cleaning products, self-care products, food products (and more) than I’ve seen anywhere else.
  • They own all of their farms and only partner with other farms that meet their high standards of growing, harvesting, and distilling.
  • Their exclusive Seed to Seal production process has set the industry standard for essential oil purity and authenticity.
  • Young Living is dedicated to sustainable growing and harvesting methods.
  • I can use them for every aspect of managing my home, from cleaning to self-care to enhancing physical and emotional wellness.
  • Their customer service is OUTSTANDING. Live chat is supremely helpful and efficient. I’ve only ever had to call once when they sent me a slightly different oil than the one I ordered. I spoke with a real person (not an automated system) who was both kind and helpful. They sent me the oil I needed, plus an extra one for free.
  • Becoming a wholesale member is so easy. All it takes is $50 in orders per year to keep your membership active. (Which is really east. Trust me.)
  • As a member, I have earned hundreds of dollars worth of free oils, supplements, and more. Hundreds. For free. I’ve had an $85 bottle of Frankincense delivered to my door within less than a week, and all I had to do was pay the reasonable shipping fee. (It was somewhere around $6.)
  • They work for us. Pure & simple.

For more detailed information on the quality and safety of Young Living’s products, check out their Seed to Seal website.

Interested in becoming a member and trying them for yourself? Sign up here.