How to Deal With a Slow Work Day

How to Deal With a Slow Work Day


Let’s face it: as freelancers, we have slow work days sometimes, days when projects are few and money is scarce. This is when a day job or part-time gig comes in handy. Hopefully it’s enough to cover your most basic bills when the writing and editing jobs temporarily stop rolling in.

But if you don’t have a day job — and you adamantly refuse to subject yourself to the perils of the corporate food chain any longer — then the slow days, well, they’re even more frustrating.

So what’s a soul to do? Here are a few tips for dealing with the no-workflow doldrums.

Do something creative. If you’ve been neglecting your novel because you’ve been too busy writing business proposals and sales letters, take the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing again. Spend an hour or two revising your poems or developing your characters and short stories. Submit a few, if you can. Forget about “serious” writing for a moment and write what you seriously love.

Call a friend or family member. Don’t we all have a friend or two we speak to once or twice a year? We don’t mean to neglect anyone; life just gets busy and time gets away from us. If you’re twiddling your thumbs for lack of work, why not call that friend from college who moved to Dallas last year? After all, connecting with others really is one of the best ways to spend your day.

Take a break — a real break. Make coffee. Go for a walk. Explore your town. Read a novel or binge watch some Breaking Bad on Netflix. Whatever calms you down and eases your senses for a while — do that.

Apply for one or two jobs you actually want. Take the time to submit great application material and connect with the person who needs (and wants and would be so lucky) to hire you. Or you could follow up with last week’s applications. Focus your energy on jobs you really want and you finally might find yourself more motivated to write that stellar cover letter.

If all else fails (and I mean all else), look for a day job. I know, I know. Now you hate me. You’ve probably already stopped reading and moved on to other blogs about baking gluten-free cupcakes and the season finale of The Walking Dead. But if we’re being practical here, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do something that isn’t ideal — especially if it’s only temporary. If you’re showering in cold water and eating dry Ramen with ketchup for dinner, it might be time to consider a semi-steady paycheck.

Slow work days can feel defeating. But they’re only temporary, and they don’t have to keep you from getting things done and enjoying your day.

How do you handle slow work-at-home days? Let me know in the comments!

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