Who Cares?: The Value of Ignoring Competition

Who Cares?: The Value of Ignoring Competition

I got a newsletter in my inbox the other day from Becoming Minimalist, a blog I love to read. Author Joshua Becker isn’t one of those uber-minimalist types with, like, no furniture and one pair of jeans (at least as far as I know), so what he writes about — finding simplicity in everyday life — is a bit easier to swallow.

Anyway, I got his newsletter about a friend who had helped him reach success with his blog over the years. His friend’s response was this: If I have helped you succeed, I am happy.

I just…is that as refreshing to you as it is to me? Sometimes I get so tired of competition, of people climbing atop one another without even looking back to see if the other person is okay. It’s nice to know there are people out there who are actually delighted by the success of others, who want to help them reach their goals.

You can watch just about any reality TV show (and okay, I watch certain reality shows myself, so I’m not severely hating or anything) to see it happen: people trample over one another. They back-stab for an accolade. And  I realize that sometimes you have to do what’s best for you, yes, but can’t we do that without spending others like money? Money can be replaced. Relationships? Well…

“I have come to realize the mindset of competition is based on a faulty premise. It assumes that one more success in another’s life equals one less success in mine,” Becker wrote.

Why? Because “one more space” has been taken where you wanted to be? I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of this thinking before. It’s easy, especially when you see others meet with the same success you want for yourself. Would it be okay to relax instead? To understand that it’s their turn right now and yours will come later? I’d like to think so.

Maybe you, like me, have struggled with this. Here are a few simple mindset changes you can make:

  • Stop letting others’ actions and achievements dictate yours. Have your own plan. Run your own race. (Whoops…cliché. Sorry about that.)
  • Take cues from others (hey, we all get our ideas from somewhere!), but don’t let their decisions define yours. The ideas YOU have are just as valid and unique.
  • Pursue what you love. That way, you can’t help but keep going, even when others are meeting with greater success. If you love to write, you’ll do it anyway, whether you ever make the New York Times Bestseller list or not.*
  • Find a good support system (spouse, friends, parents, whoever!) to encourage you when you feel inadequate or down. Sometimes others have more clarity about us than we have about ourselves.

You are totally allowed to decide what you want to do and how you want to do it. You might fail once, twice, or twelve times before you finally reach your goal, but that’s human nature. Keep going and you’ll get there.

*Not gonna lie: It’d be pretty great to be a bestseller. Do you know somebody who knows somebody who could hook me up? I’m not usually into bribery or anything, but… I can make some really good cookies. 

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