Moving On After Les Mis

I’m not going to cry, I said. It was the last day of our performance of Les Misérables at Rivertowne, and I wasn’t going to cry. Nope. No way. I was good. That’s exactly what I said right before I watched the last episode of Friends with my best friend back in college. Did I […]

a day without social media

One Day Without Social Media

Social media is incredible. It lets us keep in touch with people across the world who we’d probably never see or speak to again. Social media is also a distraction. I don’t think we realize how much of a distraction, but think of all the things you could do today if you didn’t spend hours […]

How to Deal With a Slow Work Day

How to Deal With a Slow Work Day

  Let’s face it: as freelancers, we have slow work days sometimes, days when projects are few and money is scarce. This is when a day job or part-time gig comes in handy. Hopefully it’s enough to cover your most basic bills when the writing and editing jobs temporarily stop rolling in. But if you […]