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Confessions of a Bad Novelist

Can I confess something? This novel I’m writing, my very first? It’s bad. I mean really, really bad. I was sitting at Panera this morning working on chapter eight (after an hour of procrastinating chatting and coffee with a friend), and as I’m writing it I can tell I’m going to need a rewrite. Like, […]

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One Poem a Week: My Challenge for 2016

It’s true: I’m one of those nerdy poet types who’ll polish off a carafe of coffee in less than a morning, the one who communicates like a toddler unless I’m writing, the one who underlines and stars whole paragraphs in books and cries with sheer amazement at the mastery of a perfectly-crafted poem. God, why […]

How to Deal With a Slow Work Day

How to Deal With a Slow Work Day

  Let’s face it: as freelancers, we have slow work days sometimes, days when projects are few and money is scarce. This is when a day job or part-time gig comes in handy. Hopefully it’s enough to cover your most basic bills when the writing and editing jobs temporarily stop rolling in. But if you […]